Speech Recognition

Verbio ASR is VERBIO's voice recognition engine in telephone helplines and in multimedia environments.

Verbio ASR voice recognition ( Automatic Speech Recognition) is the technology that can convert, in an automatic way, a voiceover into text. It basically allows the system to "understand" or interpret the content of a voiceover regardless of the voice.

Verbio ASR

Initially oriented towards telephone environments, it currently has a wide variety of both telehone and multimedia applications, where voice recognition is the main interactive channel. The system recognizes specific words or sets of words that are said among a group of options, developing up to Verbio Vox Populi natural language recognition.

Verbio ASR's high rates of voice recognition are based in its capacity for adaptation in every environment, not only in terms of grammar or options, but also of a great number of existing acoustic models. This ASR also works regardless of the voice.

In embedded, centralized or local environments, Verbio ASR is an essential tool in interactive applications between  users and automatic or voice controled systems, whether they are IVR, voice portals, home automation systems, call centers, security, industrial applications, voice navigation or mobile devices in general.

In the cases in where there is an environment with a broad vocabulary, Verbio's solution is VoxPopuli, the transcription engine based on statistical patterns (SLM).

Verbio Vox Populi

Verbio vox populi's objective is the transcription of spontaneous dialogues as well as having a desk dictation system. Both objectives are different and require varying approaches.

Verbio Vox Populi, through its three axes (Acoustic Model, Natural Language Model and Transcription Engine) that adapt to the environment,  is able to transform audio into text, with high reliability in very unfavorable situations, as for example: noise, distance, number of voices and languages,etc.

Verbio VoxPopuli is system that functions regardless of the announcer, since it is able to understand any person with great accuracy thanks to a design that was created  from a database of thousands of voices of people per language, selected according to strict geographic and demographic criteria.

Verbio VoxPopuli permits working in real time. It is faster in dictation environments, and in transcription environments time increases in accordance with the difficulty in understanding (new words, ambience noise, etc.).