Verbio delivers a seamless human to machine conversational experience.

Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition is the name given to the technology that automatically converts speech to text – regardless of who is speaking.

Verbio Speech Recognition can be used across a wide variety of environments –giving greater flexibility to the developer and higher satisfaction to the end user.

Automatic Speech Recognition

Verbio Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) is available in both a telephony version and a microphone version – allowing for use across multiple devices. With a comprehensive SDK and software for multiple operating systems, your company can easily use Verbio’s technology to build voice-based applications that will serve your users better.

Looking for something a little more hands-off? Verbio’s team of experts can provide assistance to build state-of-the-art applications for your company.


  • Call Center Automation: The core of most Automated Call Centers is an ASR engine that allows for interaction with datasets and recognition of user input.
  • Home Automation: In the growing field of home automation, voice user interfaces allow for a seamless user experience.
  • Large Vocabulary Speech Recognition
  • Large Vocabulary Speech Recognition (LVSR) allows for open-ended applications that transcribe free-flowing speech into text. A powerful cloud-based API allows easy integration. Speech recognition can be performed on conversations, dictation, presentations, videos and complex interactions.
  • Large Vocabulary Speech Recognition pairs well with Natural Language Understanding to provide automated, smart solutions. Applications range from call routing and natural conversation IVRs to automated transcription.

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