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Chances are you’ve interacted with Verbio many times

Since 20 years, we have been shortening the connection between humans and machines, allowing seamless and natural interactions.


Voice Interactions


Intents detected


Languages and dialects recognized

Voice AI Connections

By giving voices to machines, we teach them how to understand our intents, our accents and our tone in order to identify emotions and recognize people just by listening to their pronunciation.

With voice becoming an essential interface for everyday communication, we put AI to work to help companies build natural, context-based and personalized connections.

More human. More AI.

Our Conversational and Cognitive AI solutions build innovative and empathetic human-machine connections that help our clients deliver unique customer experiences and scale their business through operational excellence.


You need a partner with robust, reliable and company-owned technology.


You are not like everyone else so we fully adapt to your needs.

Customer Success

Exceptional sales and support team with one goal: your success.

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Over 20 years of experience simplifying human-machine connections by using AI-powered voice and text based technologies. We put technology to work to create natural, context-based and personalized connections.

Voice Technologies

Express human touch in conversations, differentiating languages, dialects and intonations.

Natural Language Processing

Leverage appropriate grammars, syntax, semantic and statistical model to understand and generate human language.

Deep Learning

Use deep neural networks as secret recipe of learning algorithms to train on and learn from data.

Artificial Intelligence

Draw new conclusions, adapt to new circumstances and identifying new patterns to communicate naturally.



Our amazing team of driven professionals is at the heart of our business – made by humans!

87% of the team is AI Engineers and computational linguistics.

21% of the team has PhD´s specialized in speech and text.

89+ Publications written on Speech and text technologies.

30+ Conferences and talks delivered on Artificial Intelligence

Our customers, our advocates.

“Sprint is firmly moving towards AI in different areas, aiming to improve our relationship and our customer service with our clients. Verbio is putting in place its conversational AI solutions to make our interactions with our millions of customers easier and smoother, with an extremely responsive service and a robust reliable technology.”

Néstor Cano

COO at Sprint

“Con las tecnologías del habla de Verbio la AEAT es capaz de prestar atención telefónica de una manera ágil, amigable y eficiente en costes a todo tipo de contribuyentes las 24 horas del día, siete días a la semana, especialmente durante la campaña de Renta en las que el volumen de llamadas se incrementa exponencialmente. El plan de la Agencia es potenciar y evolucionar estos servicios con tecnologías de Lenguaje Natural.”

Jesús Gómez Parrondo

Jefe de Área at AEAT

“Gracias a Verbio hemos podido ofrecer el primer proyecto cognitivio en el sector de las utilities en América Latina. La solución nos permite ofrecer un sistema cognitivo y de reconociendo de voz que permite ofrecer una real optimización del contact center generando un incremento en la satisfacción de sus clientes.”

Bruno Cagliostro

Gerente Comercial at CLO

“Con Verbio como partner, podemos ofrecer al cliente un sistema de seguridad completo con tecnología de voz. El involucramiento del “C” level (y del board/owner) en el detalle de los proyectos, así como del equipo R&D ha sido muy valioso. Es un compromiso que no encuentras con la generalidad de los proveedores/fabricantes de la tecnología.”

Gustavo Dávila

Co-Founder and Sales Director at Novitech

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