We succeed when our clients succeed, and work hard every day to improve the interaction between people

About Verbio

Verbio’s objective is to provide solutions beyond natural language that enhance the multichannel interaction between our clients and their customers, even allowing them to make safe transactions through biometrics.

At Verbio we believe in the automation of customer service systems and in providing intelligence, passion and personality in each contact with the user.


Based on our own technology we have developed 6 solutions that complement each other to adjust to the needs of every client:

Voice Portal

Verbio’s natural language portals are the best interaction channel with your customers. Through voice, they allow access to services and applications in a totally natural way, adapting all the time to the environment and to people’s emotions. Verbio’s natural language portals allow you to integrate speech analytics solutions in order to know your customers’ level of satisfaction and the voice biometrics solutions to make safe transactions.

Speech & Text Analytics

Verbio’s Speech & Text Analytics solutions extract information from the dialogues, the users and attention processes, to analyze them and show relevant conclusions about what has been said, by whom and how. It helps to increase the quality of the service offered by the agent, as well as their productivity. It can be applied in real-time or delayed-time.


Voice biometrics is the safest and simplest way of integrating security in your voice applications, since it allows you to verify the identity of the users in the normal flow of communication, without the need for them to remember anything and with the possibility of integrating recognition systems of forced entry.

Transcriptions and Subtitles

Verbio’s transcriptions and subtitles solutions allow you to convert dictation into written text, with the highest reliability guarantees and allowing public establishments and private companies to save hours of audio transcriptions. Their use ranges from transcriptions of meetings to live subtitling of TV shows.

Text to Speech

Thanks to the constant development of our technology, at this point we can recreate voices that allow you to communicate with your users un a natural, intelligible way, that is both expresive and dynamic. Verbio’s new voices, developed with Verbio’s exclusive technology can be modulated for each application and can express feelings, making them at times very close to reality.

Speech Recognition

Verbio has one of the most technologically advanced voice recognition systems, allowing its use in telephone helplines as well as in multimedia environments. This technology automatically converts a voiceover into text.