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Verbio: An Official Avaya DevConnect Partner

Verbio, a leading provider of voice and language technology, is pleased to announce its partnership with Avaya as a DevConnect Technology Partner.

Through this partnership, Verbio’s solutions will work with the latest Avaya products for smoother deployments of Avaya-compatible apps, offering specialized support, compliance testing, and revenue opportunities for both parties.

As a DevConnect Technology Partner, Verbio has work closely with Avaya to ensure its solutions are maximized to give businesses a competitive advantage in their respective marketplaces. 

DevConnect Partner solutions undergo rigorous compliance testing to ensure they are compatible with Avaya’s technology and provide customers with the highest level of quality.

Verbio’s participation in the DevConnect Select Product Program will also simplify the purchasing process for joint solutions with Avaya. The program curates selected offers from DevConnect Partners, providing customers with a faster path to deployment.

Verbio’s text-to-speech and speech recognition technology solutions will complement Avaya’s industry-leading communication and collaboration tools, providing customers with a comprehensive suite of solutions to enhance their business operations.

Verbio’s technology solutions include speech recognition and transcription processing. With over 500 customers worldwide, Verbio has established itself as a leader in the industry with the highest out-of-the-box accuracy as the key differentiation.

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