Call Automation Solution

Call Automation

Create a self-service customer experience in your Call and Contact Center
Call Automation Solution

Verbio Call Automation

Ultimate Contact Center Enterprise Solution

Changes in technology and rising customer expectations make it difficult for call centers to provide the significant experience that customers strive, affecting repeat business and the company’s bottom line.


These hyper-demanding customers want immediate and excellent customer service at the call center, requiring 24/7 availability, and natural application with direct and friendly self-service interactions.


Voice AI is the only way to provide a prompt and streamlined customer experience that meets their expectations, improves satisfaction, and increases retention rates while realizing call center savings.


Call Automation is a complete suite made of optimized voice AI technologies, for the call center to deliver a personalized, intelligent and accurate experience to customers while reducing call center costs.


One platform, with a full set of integrated technologies

Verbio Complete Call Automation Solution is a comprehensive, ready to use solution made of Speech recognition, text to speech and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technologies.

Conversation Automation for IVR
Provided with personalized responses, including pre-built conversations. For example, "How can I help you?"
Ready-built technologies
With industry standards: (Protocols: MRCP, GRPC), and grammars (ABNF, XML & SISR)
Pre-built models
For targeted industries, such as telecommunications, banking, government, insurance, and healthcare
First class tooling and monitoring

First class tooling and monitoring

Supported with additional advanced tooling and web-based dashboard reporting to monitor the solutions deployed.

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Adapt it to your needs

Adapt it to your needs

Use Verbio’s worldwide network of professional services and partner teams to customize and adapt the solution to your specific needs.

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Support for the full customer experience

Support for the full customer experience

Improves, protects, and optimizes every customer journey with natural, conversational engagements that deliver secure, superior customer and agent experiences on any partner platform.

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Deployment agnostic

Deployment agnostic

Verbio’s Call Automation Solution is built to work on-premises or on the cloud – your cloud or the Verbio cloud. You choose the best solution for your company, for the ultimate scalability and guaranteed uptime.

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