Verbio CEO Carlos Puigjaner in Top 100 Entrepreneurs 2023

Verbio CEO Carlos Puigjaner in Top 100 Entrepreneurs 2023

Verbio were thrilled to have our Chief Executive Officer, Carlos Puigjaner, included in the top 100 entrepreneurs for 2023.

The list of outstanding business leaders was compiled by Revista Emprendedores and included both younger and more experienced entrepreneurs from a range of industries. Verbio has undergone a huge operational overhaul in the last two years, and its ongoing success is owed a great deal to Puigjaner’s dedicated leadership and business management.

Accompanying Carlos Puigjaner was his colleague, Antonio Terradas. Terradas, an experienced economist, sits as a member of Verbio’s board of directors and also offers great insight into the technology industry with the rest of his team.

Verbio’s inclusion in this esteemed list demonstrates why we are seen as trailblazers in our industry. From humble beginnings as a Polytechnic University spinoff, Verbio now employs close to 100 staff, with a 20% of those holding a PhD in the field of voice technology and voice AI solutions.

Our offerings and solutions are created to enhance human to machine speech and have the ability to increase customer experience in a business-to-business environment. Particularly, when it comes to the realm of contact centers or call centers.

Verbio also integrates with a range of voice solution providers and has built up a trusted network. We call it our Partner Alliance Program. If you have any questions about our program, or would like a free demonstration around our advanced Voice AI solutions or technologies – please do not hesitate to get in touch..

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