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Verbio Call Automation for Enterprise

Completely voice enable your call center

Changes in technology, and rising customer expectations, are making it difficult for enterprise call centers to provide the level of customer experience that customers expect today. These changes mean that customers want to receive a very different type of customer service. Customers are juggling busy lives and want to access self-service options 24/7, 365 days a year, with no time to wait in busy queues for customer service.


Also, if customers need to speak to a call center regarding a very complex issue, they expect a highly empathetic problem solving approach. Currently, another issue facing enterprises is recruiting and training human agents and supervisors with excellent empathy and analytical skills. There is also the very real challenge of retaining these agents. Latest research by industry analysts Cavell Group, revealed that more than 50% of organisations have seen over a third of their contact center agents leave within the last 12 months. With poor customer experience leading to the ongoing battle of customer churn and now the added issue of agent churn, technology can help to manage this business challenge.


Voice AI can be part of this solution, as it can help to reduce large call volumes and provide 24/7 self-serve options, diverting thousands of tedious tasks. This diverts the very complex queries which require a higher level of understanding to human agents. Working together in this way can help give agents better job satisfaction. Overall this solution can help to decrease customer frustration, as there are no longer large call volumes and the customer’s call is directed to the right resource.


Verbio’s solution includes a suite of optimized voice AI technologies with call automation, to deliver a personalized, intelligent and accurate experience to customers, while reducing call center costs.

Languages and counting

One platform. A comprehensive set of integrated technologies.

Verbio Complete Call Automation Solution is a comprehensive, ready to use solution comprising of Speech Recognition, Text to Speech and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technologies.

Speech Recognition
Designed for understanding human spoken language - expressed naturally - and converting speech-to-text in real-time, with the ultimate Deep Neural Network (DNN) learning model. Customizable, with business-specific vocabularies and language models to transcribe conversations with customers.
Pick among 25 ready-to-use catalog voices available in 12 Languages and 25 Dialects or fully customize your own one, for branding purposes like corporate voices, personalized announcement or for delivering impressive user experience for devices, media, and entertainment content.
Natural Language Understanding
A complete cognitive system, the center of business knowledge acquisition. Verbio’s Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology is tailored specifically to the unique environment and challenges of the call and contact center.
Use Cases

Use Cases

Enterprise call centers have a host of use cases utilizing our call automation solution. These include:

  • Create a self-service customer service
  • AI to enhance human agents, not replace them
  • Streamline Call Center Processes
  • Consolidation of customer support, marketing and sales departments in call centers
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Benefits to enterprise call centers are evident

Benefits to enterprise call centers are evident

  • Increase NPS by around 25%
  • Reduce Average Handling time by 60%
  • Increase call retention – up to 30%
  • Enhanced call center operational efficiency by up to 85%
  • Achieve ROI – Enabling costs savings up to 75%
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Personalization. Technology adapted to your needs

Personalization. Technology adapted to your needs

Supported with additional advanced tooling and web-based dashboard reporting to monitor the solutions deployed.

Call Automation Solution  can also be adapted and customised to your specific needs with Verbio Professional Services and Partner Network.

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