Computational Linguist (USA)

We are currently hiring a Computational Linguist in the USA (East Coast or Central/Mountain Time zones) to work remotely.


Verbio develops cutting-edge technology around the widest range of Human-Machine communications through natural language. By joining our teams, you will acquire broad knowledge on our Artificial Intelligence technology and products, which include Voice Biometrics, Speech Recognition, Text-to-Speech Conversion, Cognitive NLU, Conversational sensors, and Virtual Assistants and Chatbots.

The Technology Stack we use varies from Python (prototyping), Rust, VueJS, C++, and cutting-edge Machine Learning frameworks. We work with modern technologies such as Docker and GitlabCI, and also with several hardware accelerators such as NVIDIA and Intel FPGA.

We have offices in Barcelona, Madrid, São Paulo, Mexico DF, and Palo Alto and you will be part of a multinational team of Ph.D.’s & Engineers in NLP, Artificial intelligence and software development.

If you enjoy challenges and learning every day in a very innovative environment, this is your company!

The person will be part of a team of Computational Linguists, Transcribers, Engineers, and Grammar and Dialog Design Experts, working to achieve the deployment of a Natural Language Voice Portals. Working remotely in the customer-facing Projects Area, he/she will perform the training, testing and evolution of Open Question (NLP Classification), TTS, and ASR modules to be deployed to our customers, as well as gather customer requirements.

We most definitely want you if…
You have experience working as a linguist in language technology – specifically with language data and statistically-based systems related to spoken dialogs (VUI – Voice User Interface), as well as knowledge in English and/or Spanish phonetics.
You have also knowledge/skills in computing, office suite and some programming language or scripting for process automation and tests performing.


You will:
· Communicate with customers to define requirements to be integrated into the associated linguistic modules (model training sets, grammar creation, etc.)
· Develop and/or improve grammars for the projects
· Train the language statistical models and the neural networks that belong to the Open Question solution core
· Be involved in the definition and execution of the validation tests of the deployed solution, as well as customize its settings
· Properly document the development and transfer the knowledge within the team
· Be involved in the solution’s maintenance to keep high success rates which will adapt to changes in interaction with the customers throughout time.

Skills and Experience

· Education: Linguistics including Semantics, Phonetics/Phonology, Corpus Linguistics (Finished)
· Statistics and/or statistically trained systems
· Native English speaker (preferably American) and Computational Linguistics Education
· Availability to be based in the USA
· Advanced skills in Office suite
· Linux/bash programming knowledge or willingness to learn
· Knowledge of some programming language

Nice to have
· Proven experience involving Call Steering (Open Question) projects
· Knowledge developing speech recognition grammars (XML and specially ABNF)
· Spanish knowledge (head office is located in Spain)

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