Conversational UX Designer

We are currently hiring a Conversational UX Designer in the USA to work remotely.


VERBIO is revolutionizing communications between people and computers, allowing people to communicate naturally with machines, using state-of-the-art technology in the field of Artificial Intelligence.
Our proprietary software innovates in Natural Language Processing (NLP), using Deep Learning and other Machine Learning methods. We develop solutions in areas such as:

– Voice Biometrics
– Speech Recognition
– Text-To-Speech Voices
– Speech & Text Analytics (Conversational sensors)
– Virtual Assistants and Chatbots

We have offices in Barcelona, Madrid, São Paulo, Mexico DF, and Palo Alto and you will be part of a multinational team of PhD’s & Engineers in NLP, Artificial Intelligence, and software development.

If you enjoy challenges and learning every day in a very innovative environment, this is your company!

Job Description

The person will be involved in the design of a brand-new Natural Language Voice Portal for a Fortune 500 company, where speech technologies (recognition, voice synthesis, and NLU) will be used to enhance the user experience. The person will be in charge of the user experience, adding the best VUI (Voice User Interface) practices to the design. They will provide knowledge in the area of spoken dialogs and document these processes clearly and in detail, as well as be involved in testing once deployment is completed.
The candidate must have experience and knowledge about strategies and best practices in VUI (Voice User Interfaces), as well as the ability to define and deliver strategies as agreed. The candidate likes dealing with clients and uses their know-how to achieve their goals.
The person will be the main responsible party for interacting with the customer’s development area and business area (to get to know new needs and future direction of the Voice Portal). Their proposals and definitions will be included in the design documentation which will be used by the customer’s development team to implement the design in the phone platform.

Tasks and Responsibilities

• Design effective, innovative, and delightful conversational experiences using user-centric design methodologies.
• Create and evangelize conversation design best practice standards, reusable design patterns and processes.
• Interact with the customer to comprehend future needs (business), current situation (development) and communicate them to the team so they can be translated into perfectly detailed designs.
• Properly document the dialog proposal: create design documents, including example dialogs, conversation flow diagrams, error handling patterns.
• Research and analyze intents and the associated customer journeys.
• Define the intent portfolio for Natural Language Understanding and how it maps into conversation designs.
• Review customer transcripts to identify gaps in the conversation design; modify design patterns to bridge those gaps.
• Be involved in validation and usability tests once implementation is completed.
• Interpret NLU performance metrics to hypothesize where design changes can be made and tested to drive specific goals.
• Collaborate with Verbio’s Project Managers, Linguists and Engineers to execute implementation.
• Demonstrate effective verbal and written communication to internal executives, partners, and team members.
• Properly document the development (done by the client’s development teams) and transfer the knowledge within the Verbio team.
• Continuous follow up of the experience from the testing groups and actual clients to check that quality in service is achieved or take actions to do it.
• Train and mentor the team to help them improve.
• Provide support to linguistic team to tune language technology components as needed.


Skills and Experience

• 3-5 years of experience in VUI strategy, conversation design and optimization and able to produce a portfolio of example work
• Exceptional written and verbal communication skills, having presented design thought leadership to diverse audiences, from client executives to technical team members
• Knowledge of Natural Language Understanding technologies and platforms such as Dialogflow, Watson, LUIS, etc. and how it impacts conversation designs
• Contact center and/or customer service experience a plus Bachelor’s Degree in design, human-computer interaction (HCI), or equivalent professional experience
• Great communication skills with both team and client
• Ample experience in dialog documentation
• Native English Speaker (preferably US-English)
• Advanced skills in Office suite (specially for delivering detailed diagrams: Microsoft Visio, etc.)

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