Delivery Engineer USA

We are looking for a remote IT Engineer based in the USA to work closely with customers delivering our software solutions.


Verbio develops cutting-edge technology around the widest range of Human-Machine communications through natural language. By joining our teams, you will acquire broad knowledge on our Artificial Intelligence technology and products, which include Voice Biometrics, Speech Recognition, Text-to-Speech Conversion, Cognitive NLU, Conversational sensors and Virtual Assistants and Chatbots.

Our products are based on the latest Neural Networks and Machine Learning Techniques and by working on their implementation on real use cases, you will be closely participating in their configuration and training, as well as on complex integrations with client’s systems creating innovating solutions across various industries.

We have offices in Barcelona, Madrid, São Paulo, Mexico DF, and Palo Alto and you will be part of a multinational team of PhD’s & Engineers in NLP, Artificial intelligence and software development.

If you enjoy challenges and learning every day in a very innovative environment, this is your company!

Verbio’s Delivery Engineers use their deep technical skills, knowledge and expertise during the deployment stage to set up Verbio’s products both in customer premises or in our cloud.
Among the main daily tasks required there would be leading software deployment and troubleshooting technical issues, ensuring customer satisfaction by delivering professional services with positive business outcomes for the customer. A Verbio’s Delivery Engineer needs to have a deep technical knowledge and have a great deal of professional experience in software deployment, as well as being personable and capable enough to effectively collaborate with others and be a technical reference inside the team.


● Handling technical communication/interaction with the end customer. Attending customer meetings acting as a technical/product expert and also replying customers following requests by email.
● Leading the deployment of Verbio solutions either in customer’s infrastructure or Verbio cloud.
● Working closely with customers to troubleshoot Verbio deployments, facilitating customer support.
● Ensuring project success together with Project Managers and supporting mid-level Engineers.
● Establishing communication with product or infrastructure teams to ensure a successful deployment.
● Keeping updated and well trained/informed about Verbio’s products/solutions including tools, programming interfaces, integration mechanisms, requirements and limitations of the technology.
● Collaborating with other Technical Delivery Team members in content generation by providing technical information describing how Verbio products work on customer’s infrastructure.
● Sharing relevant information about features requests coming from customers with our product teams to ensure that Verbio’s roadmap is aligned with market feedback and trends.
● Working closely with the Sales Representative owning the account to provide the best customer experience possible with 100% alignment on both technical and commercial aspects of the deal.
● Collaborating in standards and methodologies definition for successfully deploying and integrating our AI technology into our customers’ systems.
● Collaborating with product teams in maintaining internal systems for Quality Assurance.
● Taking part in designing and improving Verbio platform architecture and functionality giving feedback to the product and technology teams.
● Leading the definition of customizations and new developments to meet specific customer requirements.
● Ensuring the quality of the customizations and new developments to be installed in customer’s premises.
● Being a technical reference and mentor for mid-level and junior Delivery Engineers.
● Identifying lack of knowledge in the team, and provide training for junior profiles or new team members.


● Customer focused, high proficiency in oral and written communication/presentation skills
● Good Linux Server Administration knowledge (>3 years)
● Strong knowledge in any of the folloging communication protocols (MRCP, SIP, RTP, RTSP, RTCP, HTTP, Websockets) (>3 years)
● Strong interpreted and scripting languages skills (bash, python) (> 5 years)
● Ability to remain calm under pressure and react appropriately in a fast moving, constantly changing work environment
● Ability to work remotely but in total coordination with remote teams/workmates
● Strong team-player
● Self-motivated

Nice to have

● Telecommunications or Computer Engineer (Master or Degree)
● Experience/knowledge in speech technologies and APIs (>2 years)
● Experience with contact center technologies (Telephony, PBX, IVR, CTI)
● Overall knowledge about vendors ecosystem providing solutions related to call automation (contact center technology providers, speech technology suppliers, conversational AI vendors).
● Experience in control version tools (Git, Mercurial, SVN).
● Experience in Agile working methodologies (SCRUM, Kanban)

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