Engineering Projects Lead

Currently we are hiring a Senior Engineer to lead our Projects Engineering team. You will work at our Barcelona office, really close to the city centre (Av. Roma, 157).


Verbio develops cutting-edge technology around the widest range of Human-Machine communications through natural language. By joining our teams, you will acquire broad knowledge on our Artificial Intelligence technology and products, which include Voice Biometrics, Speech Recognition, Text-to-Speech Conversion, Cognitive NLU, Conversational sensors and Virtual Assistants and Chatbots.

Our products are based on the latest Neural Networks and Machine Learning Techniques and by working on their implementation on real use cases, you will be closely participating in their configuration and training, as well as on complex integrations with client’s systems creating innovating solutions across various industries.

We have offices in Barcelona, Madrid, São Paulo, Mexico DF, and Palo Alto and you will be part of a multinational team of PhD’s & Engineers in NLP, Artificial intelligence and software development.

You will be part of our Projects team, leading the Implementation Engineers located both in Barcelona and the Americas.
Verbio is a fast growing company in the industry of Human-Machine communication and as we are facing more complex and demanding projects we need a strong technical leader to organize and orchestrate innovative approaches in project implementation.
You will be constantly challenged with resolving complex technical problems while mentoring the Engineers team and establishing standards on technological best practices. You will get to communicate and work closely with Verbio’s product teams and get to know our cutting edge Speech Recognition, Voice Biometrics, Speech Synthesis and Cognitive Brain technologies, thoroughly.

If you are a dynamic and proactive person who enjoys challenges and are used to creative problem resolution, Verbio would be a perfect environment for you. Joining us at this moment would offer vast possibilities for growth in the future!


  • Design and optimize customers’ infrastructures necessary for deploying Verbio’s solutions, as well as scalability plans
  • Create Troubleshooting and Documentation standards and procedures for the team in order to facilitate customer support and training of partners
  • Create standards and methodologies for successfully deploying and integrating our AI technology into customers’ systems.
  • Design and maintain internal systems for Quality Assurance
  • Take part in designing and improving Verbio’s platform architecture and functionality giving feedback to the product and technology teams.

For this position you must hold a valid Spanish/EU Working Permit


• Degree in Computer Science, Telematics, Telecommunications or related subject


Experience of at least 5 years in telephonic systems in general, especially VOIP:

• Signalling protocols (SIP)
• MRCP protocol
• Audio codecs
• Analysis of VoIP traffic using packet analysis tools such as Wireshark, tcpdump etc.
• Experience in configuring network components (routers, switches etc.) for efficient voice traffic management
• QoS Policy

Experience of at least 5 years working with at least one Telephony Platform (such as Asterisk, Avaya, Cisco, Genesys etc):

• Configuration of the telephony platform (extensions SIP, IAX etc.)
• System monitoring, recording of calls, CDR, etc.
• Dimensioning of the Infrastructure depending on traffic volume forecasts and implemented functionalities (carrier-grade designing)
• High availability environments (failover implementation etc.) and high capacity architectures (multi-tenancy / multi-instance)
• Experience in integrating voice recognition or voice synthesis on telephony platforms would be a plus

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Systems:

• Creation of VoiceXML dialogues
• Experience in voice recognition or voice synthesis (ASR / TTS) systems would be appreciated
• Knowledge in grammars (ABNF, GRXML etc.)


Knowledge and experience in programming (of at least 3 years) for development of customisations and internal systems, code reviewing and integration of legacy systems:

• At least one compiled language (preferably C++)
• At least one interpreted language (Python, PHP, etc.)
• Designing and using data bases (preferably SQL)
• Control version systems (preferably Git)
• Protocols and services for developing integrations with client platforms
• REST APIs and HTTP and WebSocket protocols
• Integrating and using 3rd party APIs


Experience on virtualization systems (VMWare, Xen)
Knowledge on installation and configuration of HTTP, FTP, MySQL services

Knowledge in Linux systems administration:

• Installation and configuration of software packages
• Scripting languages and use of terminal
• Monitoring and management of processes and services

Knowledge of Windows systems administration:

• Installation and configuration of software packages
• Configuration of Windows registry
• Use of cmd or PowerShell terminal
• Monitoring and management of processes and services


Why should you work with us?

– You will become part of a young, dynamic and international team (8+ nationalities), with a lot of PhDs and expert engineers.
– Flexible Timetable
– Flexible compensation plan (Restaurant, transport & kindergarten tickets, health insurance)
– Our headquarters is located in the heart of Barcelona, which works great for our frequent fun and team-building outings
– Remote work available (occasionally during the first 6 months, and up to 2 days per week from 6 months onwards)
– We love and encourage challenges, so you will have infinite possibilities of learning and growth. If you’re up to it, sky is the limit!

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