Senior SysAdmin (Platform & Infrastructure team)

We are looking for a Senior SysAdmin to join our P&I team in Barcelona.


Verbio develops cutting-edge technology around the widest range of Human-Machine communications through natural language. By joining our teams, you will acquire broad knowledge on our Artificial Intelligence technology and products, which include Voice Biometrics, Speech Recognition, Text-to-Speech Conversion, Cognitive NLU, Conversational sensors, and Virtual Assistants and Chatbots.

The Technology Stack we use varies from Python (prototyping), Rust, VueJS, C++, and cutting-edge Machine Learning frameworks. We work with modern technologies such as Docker and GitlabCI, and also with several hardware accelerators such as NVIDIA and Intel FPGA.

We have offices in Barcelona, Madrid, São Paulo, Mexico DF, and Palo Alto and you will be part of a multinational team of Ph.D.’s & Engineers in NLP, Artificial intelligence and software development.

If you enjoy challenges and learning every day in a very innovative environment, this is your company!

Job description

At Verbio Technologies, we rely on our IT systems to help our business reach and succeed with consumers all over the world. We’re seeking an experienced Systems Administrator who’s eager to use and grow his or her technological skills. In this role, the successful individual will protect our critical information, systems and assets, build solutions, implement new software and hardware, provide training, and assist in the development of an overall IT strategy. From the start, you will help empowering our breakthrough innovations getting challenging assignments, sharing initiatives, and taking ownership and responsibility.

You will be part of the Platform & Infrastructure team, aimed to provide technical support to product and project teams as well as being in charge of all the company’s infrastructure. As a member of this team, you will be responsible for the whole Verbio’s infrastructure. You will be in charge of setting up hardware and software infrastructures (from new servers, network and telephony equipment or hardware accelerators; to install and configure integration servers, large databases storages, software repositories, etc.).
You will also interact with other departments in the company to gather requirements, propose solutions and plan the infrastructure roadmap of the company. You will also interact with other technical teams within multidisciplinary projects to enhance the integration of the technologies into broader solutions.

Objectives of this Role

● Maintain and nurture essential IT operations, including operating systems, security tools, applications, servers, email systems, laptops, desktops, software, and hardware
● Take ownership and responsibility for everything related to infrastructure decisions, changes and improvements
● Enable faster and smarter business processes and implement analytics for meaningful insights
● Partner with internal teams to communicate project status, activities, and achievements
● Be a reference for Verbio’s Delivery team when infrastructure doubts issues arise in customer’s projects: virtualisation environments, storage, network, HPC configuration for best performance.

Daily and Monthly Responsibilities

● Virtualization environment maintenance (VMware vSphere, XCP-ng)
● Network management (pfSense, SIP, MRCP, FreePBX, Asterisk, Ubiquity)
● OS administration (Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Windows)
● IT resources monitoring (OpenNMS/Horizon, SNMP, prometheus + grafana)
● Fix, monitor, foresee, and prevent hardware issues
● Hardware setup, upgrades, and replacements (Nvidia GPUs and their Linux drivers)
● User management and file sharing (OpenLDAP, NFS, webDAV, SFTP, Linux disk quotas)
● Manage cloud resources (AWS, remote bare-metal servers) as well as a local datacenter
● Setup and maintain artifact repositories (Artifactory, conan, apt, yum, winget, pip, docker)
● Ensure high availability, monitoring and safety of critical systems (pfSense, GitLab + CI, storage, production SQL databases, product cloud operations)
● Own projects, solutions, and key responsibilities within a larger business initiative
● Build an internal wiki with technical documentation, manuals, and IT policies
● Research event log warnings and errors
● Maintain internal infrastructure requirements including, laptop and desktop computers, servers, routers, switches, firewalls, printers, phones, security updates; support internet, intranet, LANs, WANs, and network segments
● Storage replication (RAID arrays) and backup maintenance, both local and remote
● Perform routine/scheduled audits of the systems, including all backups
● Task automation (Ansible, chatops)
● Work with Verbio’s Finance & Administration team and external providers to purchase new hardware and software parts.


● Bachelor’s degree in technology or computer science (Mandatory)
● Proven work experience in IT (at least 5 years in this or similar role)
● Knowledge/Experience with programming languages and operating systems; current equipment and technologies, enterprise backup and recovery procedures, system performance-monitoring tools, centralised user management, virtualization, HTTP traffic, content delivery and caching
● Experience in scripting languages (bash, python, etc.)
● Ability to work independently and collaborate with peers as needed
● Ability to take full responsibility and making technical decisions in the area
● Experience in application design, integration, and cloud computing
● Have an automation mindset
● Advanced English level

Nice to have

● Functional understanding of network protocols for speech processing over IP networks, including SIP, MRCP, and websockets
● Familiar with VoIP PBX systems such as Asterisk
● Knowledge in some compiled language
● Experience deploying and maintaining CI/CD systems: gitlab-ci, jFrog, dockers
● Experience in CI/CD systems as a user
● Experience with devops methodologies and technologies

For this position you must be hold a valid working permit for Spain

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