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New Research Report on Intelligent Assistants

Opus Research has announced the publication of “Decision-Makers’ Guide to Enterprise Intelligent Assistants,” (August 2015), a research report identifying 13 key firms whose platforms offer human-like, automated services as a natural user interface for customer care and self-service.

As mentioned by Opus, Verbio is one of the key global players offering a complete solution in the Intelligent Assistants space.

The in-depth report chronicles current offerings by major solution vendors of Intelligent Assistants and assesses the progress that vendors have made in developing highly-capable and responsive automated systems for digital and mobile marketing, commerce and ongoing support. As companies become more customer-centric in their offerings, Intelligent Assistants have a growing role to play in their transformation.

“People want to communicate with the companies they choose, over the device of their choice, at the time of their choice and using the words they find most comfortable,” explains Dan Miller, lead analyst at Opus Research and primary author of the report. “In this report, we describe how leading firms combine automated speech processing, natural language understanding, machine learning, big data aggregation, predictive analytics and decisioning to provide a consistent and productive customer experience at every touch point.”