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Speaker Verification/Identification

Every user is unique. Leverage this to create efficient and personalized applications that will provide the highest levels of service to your users.

Speaker Verification and Speaker Identification are two branches of Speaker Recognition. They use the unique traits of each person’s voice as their “vocal fingerprint” and can be used for security purposes or simply to enhance user experience.


Speaker Identification

Know your customer. Speaker Identification will match your user to their voiceprint out of all the registered users. Some common applications of this technology are in contact centers and conference calls.


Speaker Verification

You are whoever you say you are… Not always!

Authenticate your users with Speaker Verification. Each user can be matched against their voiceprint in a text-dependent or text-independent manner. The benefit of using Speaker Verification as a form of authentication is that it can be done unobtrusively within a voice interaction with the user.


Since we use our own technology, our specialists will look for the most unobtrusive way to deploy our solution. Contact us to discuss the best solution for you.

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