Verbio delivers a seamless human to machine conversational experience.

Speech & Text Analytics

In the age of data, don’t let your customers’ feedback go untapped.

Customers interact with your company in more ways than ever before: SMS, social media, email, voice… Verbio shares their expertise in speech and language processing to provide powerful insights into your idle data.

Semantic Classification, Sentiment Analysis and Transcription for search and quality auditing are just some of the applications of Speech/Text Analytics.

  • Speaker Separation: separate the customer and the agent to analyze the conversation: is it one-sided?
  • Emotion Detection: Emotion detection is important to understand the context of a conversation. Are your customers happy or upset with the service?
  • Semantic Classification: What do people call about the most? Semantic Classification allows you to understand which products or services your company offers are causing the most problems.
  • Script Auditing: Efficient, automated auditing for script compliance.
  • Sales Feedback: The speech version of A/B testing. Understand what’s working and what isn’t. Are your agents successfully upselling? Are there untapped selling opportunities? Are your sales scripts working?

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