Verbio delivers a seamless human to machine conversational experience.

Text to Speech

The goal of communication is to understand and be understood.

Verbio’s Text-to-Speech gives your company a way to communicate with your users in a natural and intelligible way – expressively and dynamically. Verbio’s new voices, developed with Verbio’s proprietary technology, can be modulated for many applications and can express feelings – making them very realistic.

Through Verbio’s SDK and cloud-based API, you can generate dynamic text for any application – whether it’s for a contact center or a home appliance. Paired with LVSR and Natural Language Understanding, you can bring your contact center or device to life!


  • Natural Language Portal: TTS is a cornerstone in a natural language portal – allowing for dynamic dialogs.
  • On-device help manual: Moving away from the conventional help manual, allow your users to get support for a connected device directly at the source. An interactive help manual is the perfect application for TTS.
  • Reader: TTS provides support for the visually impaired allowing them to access online and e-reader content. It also gives everyone a more comfortable way of accessing written material.

It’s important to be heard in a unified way.

Further to our out-of-the-box voices, you can control the sound of your brand with a branded voice. If your business has its own brand image, why is the voice in which you communicate with your customers the same as everyone else’s?

Verbio custom voice will be built for you according to the image you wish to transmit for your business.

A fresh and young voice that transmits innovation and flexibility?

A mature voice that transmits commitment and years of experience?

We work with you to build it.

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