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Enable natural and intuitive humans-machines interactions.

Speech Recognition

Designed for understanding human spoken language - expressed naturally - and converting speech-to-text real-time, thanks to the ultimate Deep Neural Network (DNN) learning model. Customizable with business-specific vocabularies and language model to transcribe conversations with customers, execute real-time captions or automatize tasks through voice commands.
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Voice Synthesis

An innovative way to express your brand voice, communicating emotions, differentiating languages, dialects, and intonations. Pick among 25 ready-to-use catalog voices available in 12 Languages and 25 Dialects or fully customize your own one, for branding purposes like corporate voices, personalized announcement or for delivering impressive user experience for devices, media, and entertainment content.
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Voice Biometrics

A smart and safe way to authenticate, identify and verify users with the unique potential of their voice. A cost-effective, proven and secure alternative for biometrics signatures, fraud detection and prevention, digital payments and customer experience personalization and insights.
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Cognitive Brain

The 360º Cognitive system to automatize the process of knowledge acquisition, representation and reasoning. It understands conversational data, learns from interactions and manages dialogues, helping companies to enable natural, context-based and intuitive communication between humans and machines, deliver personalized experiences and scale operations.
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