Cognitive Brain

Cognitive Brain

A complete cognitive system to automatize the process of business knowledge acquisition and finally deliver a seamless and intuitive user experience.
Cognitive Brain


Into the revolution of Cognitive AI

Verbio Cognitive Brain is a reasoning and conversational system, designed to acquire and represent knowledge from several sources and learn at scale from every interaction.

It understands conversational information and learns from previous interactions, but thanks to its reasoning ability it provides efficient support and personalized recommendations.


The use of Natural Language Understanding with Hybrid Deep Neural Networks (H-DNN) allows the brain to interpret what users say and truly understand them in order to reason and respond to inquiries with an intuitive and context-based engagement. (Natural Language Understanding and dialog flows are trained in a semi-supervised way)

Intents Identified Monthly
NLU Accuracy
Response Accuracy


Start delivering unforgettable and personalized experiences with Cognitive AI interfaces, simplifying every interaction in the organization.

The use of efficient Ontology Knowledge Domains enables scale information and knowledge with a simple and manageable information structure, so the Brain will grow as your business grows.
Ontology systems and Machine Learning techniques make our Cognitive Brain language independent.
You are guaranteed data confidentiality in all on-premise and cloud deployments. The tool, the data & the knowledge will always be owned by you.
Scale your operations with Conversational Q&A Chatbots

Scale your operations with Conversational Q&A Chatbots

How many interactions does a user need to complete a purchase on your website? How complex is the recurring internal process your employees have to follow to solve an issue?
With Verbio Cognitive Brain-based Chatbot, the FAQ and Help Desk processes become effective and conversational and no user doubts remain unresolved.

Check our Conversational Q&A Chatbot
Enhance a new smart experience with Verbio Voice Assistant

Enhance a new smart experience with Verbio Voice Assistant

Are you looking for delivering a memorable customer experience? Or for helping your employees to be efficient and productive?

Enabling instead Verbio Cognitive Brain with Voice functionalities will let you exceed every expectation!
Verbio Voice Assistant is a highly sophisticated and complete application to optimize operations, solve problems and help make lives easier, just expressing naturally with your Virtual Assistant through Voice.


Discover Verbio Voice Assistant
Get insights from every customer interactions with Speech Analytics

Get insights from every customer interactions with Speech Analytics

How much information do you have about your customer interactions? And how many complaints have you received last year due to poor customer support?
Verbio Cognitive Brain and Verbio Speech Recognition are able to create a  smart Speech Analytics solution to study every interaction with your customers and allowing you to understand their pains, need and claims.
You will see a considerable improvement in both brand loyalty and customer experience.

Speech Analytics Solution

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