Natural Language Understanding (NLU) for Call & Contact Centers
Natural Language Understanding

Natural Language Understanding

Truly listen, accurately understand and efficiently respond to your customers with our NLU technology
Natural Language Understanding

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Having the right Natural Language Understanding (NLU) – is the difference of your customer staying on the call or hanging up. Whether you get that call retention or not. If your solution is not understanding what the customer is saying, then ultimately the accuracy rate will be low, and the response to the customer will not make sense. So why would they want to use this type of self-service, if it adds even more frustration than holding for a human agent? Ensuring a customer is accurately understood and that a call is routed efficiently, is a crucial, complicated part of the call automation process.


The machine will be learning at scale in the background, from every single customer interaction. But human conversations are very complicated. Most people don’t just make a request, they often dart from subject to subject, or they add in additional information that is not relevant to the actual outcome. For example, what if a customer has lost their password, and they start explaining their story about why they have lost their password. Additional considerations include the language spoken, dialect, the intonation and tone of voice. Also, what about context? Language is merely separate words and grammar, you need to have the context surrounding these words. When we multiply these factors with thousands of calls a day, and we add on top of these differences industry specific terms too. That is a lot of correct information and also a lot of extra information that needs to be screened too. How does a machine work like a human brain but at enterprise scale – and receive, interpret, select, ignore and then respond? It’s extremely important that the NLU you work with is highly developed and very specific to call centers and different languages.


Verbio’s NLU is known for obtaining the highest levels of accuracy rates for recognising intent, which is crucial when choosing who you trust with the cognitive brain of your Voice AI solution. Verbio works with the largest enterprises and partners focusing on call and contact centers in industries such as banking, telecoms and government. Verbio is on the cutting edge of technology, using AI and machine learning methods like deep learning and neural networks, whilst evolving our NLU for over 20 years. All of Verbio’s technology is built in-house, which means we can customize our offer to the exact needs of our customers. We are specialists in many languages and are especially known for our Spanish and LATAM capabilities, which is essential for customers in the US markets.

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Delivering the best CX to customers, helping them to self-serve quickly and efficiently

Verbio NLU uses efficient Machine Learning algorithms able to be trained with large volumes of data and ready for run into production with little hardware consumption.
Available for all languages supported by Verbio.
You are guaranteed data confidentiality in all on-premise and cloud deployments. The tool, the data & the knowledge will always be owned by you.
Use Cases: Helping your customers to self-serve with virtual assistants

Use Cases: Helping your customers to self-serve with virtual assistants

The most common AI use case for contact centers is customer
self-service through virtual assistants. Contact centers that are
AI-enabled can transition from a pre-scripted chatbot to a robust
conversational AI platform, that intelligently understands users’
intents and gets things done quickly. Conversational AI powered by Natural Language Understanding (NLU) can evaluate the most relevant intent and answer the query while handling various terminologies, dialects, accents, speaking styles and spelling errors.

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