Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition

Designed to understand human spoken language expressed in a natural way by converting speech-to-text in real-time, using Deep Neural Network learning models.
Speech Recognition


However you express yourself.

Speech is the most common way humans communicate and share information and it should no different when interacting with machines.

Verbio Speech Recognition accurately listens and understands what users say, in their preferred language and accent.

its customizable vocabularies and grammars, adapted Statistical Language Models and specific Acoustic Models accommodate noisy environments and optimize solution accuracy and performance.

Languages and counting


Powerful, flexible and easy to integrate. It can be deployed in a wide range of platforms and successfully process audio coming from every channel.

We provide the customized language model, with your company-specific vocabulary and grammars.
We can support every hardware and software platforms and extract speech from all audio sources.
We provide integration support using Web sockets, MRCP, or traditional C/C++ APIs.
Extract insights from conversational data.

Extract insights from conversational data.

You can extract actionable insights from every person who interacts with your company, from clients to suppliers and general stakeholders. With Verbio Speech Recognition, you can monitor agent calls, understand your customer’s complaints and be sure all the conversations follow your policy and quality standards.
Discover how companies are using tools like Word spotting, Keyword Extraction and Topic Generation to provide the best service experience.

Speech Analytics Solution
Enable hands-free user Experiences

Enable hands-free user Experiences

Your business can start to deliver frictionless experiences to users through the use of Speech Recognition applied to Voice Search, Voice Dialing, Digital Dictation, Intelligent call steering (ICS), and Voice Command for Devices, Apps, Vehicles and Appliances.
Check our success stories to get inspired by innovative hands-free UX.

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Automate tasks to increase productivity

Automate tasks to increase productivity

Enhance your business and team productivity with speech recognition for meeting debriefing, conference transcription, transcription of contact center call, real-time subtitles, and live captions.

Do you know that by merging speech recognition and voice biometrics, we are able to recognize who is the speaker in a conversation?

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