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An innovative way to express your brand voice, communicating emotions, different languages, dialects, and intonations


Your Brand Voice

Users have become hyper demanding, requiring excellent and immediate customer service at any time in the contact center. This translates into 24×7 availability, a natural & friendly application, with immediate and efficient self-service interactions.


Meeting these requirements is crucial to improve customer experience and to increase retention rates. Voice AI is the only way to meet such needs and realize savings at the same time. The key to providing such service through voice solutions is to best understand what customers are saying. This means that transcription accuracy is the most important factor in the call automation process. Due to the use of Deep Neural Networks, the Voice Synthesis engine is capable of differentiating languages, dialects, accents and intonation.


The conversion of text-to-speech sounds evolves naturally with no vibrations or robotic sounds, offering a robust and trustworthy pronunciation with a big impact on brand recall and great results in large deployments with thousands of interactions, for more human-like conversations.


Verbio’s text to speech solution uses Artificial Intelligence to convert the generated text to speech into a synthetic audible voice. Facilitating access and creating innovative and personalized experiences for call and contact center customers.

Ready-to-use voices
Languages and counting


Our text to speech solution is device agnostic and tailored high‑quality audio which enhances any customer self‑service application, mobile app, wearables, e-learning, connected appliances and facilitation for people with disabilities.

Extensive catalog of ready-to-use voices languages, dialects, and accents from all over the world.
Customized voices
Exclusive voices to express your unique brand - all delivered in a few weeks. With on-demand languages, dialects, accents and customized dictionaries!
Simultaneous Languages
Ability to use different languages in the same sentence. Easily switch from voice to voice in bilingual conversations.
Self-service call and contact center: Improve TTS voice experience

Self-service call and contact center: Improve TTS voice experience

Verbio’s personalized Text-to-Speech technology can enable the IVR to create an automated, interactive system to provide a self-service customer experience. This can save millions in call and contact center resources and can enable efficient simple workflows that before were previously carried out by human agents. In addition, this self-service support provides immediate resolution to customer queries which improve customer satisfaction and retention.

Corporate Voice Solutions
Outbound Calls

Outbound Calls

Outbound calls have a success rate of less than 3%, thus having dedicated human resources to carry out this task is costly and inefficient. Verbio’s Text-to-Speech (TTS) can allow you to call more customers at any one time without the need for a team of agents. An outbound call is made by the auto-dialer, if the call is answered, the TTS system can speak with the customer or route them to the right agent, if the case is needed. Additionally, if the call fails to connect, the system can leave a message.

Discover accurate TTS
Give your brand a voice

Give your brand a voice

Verbio’s personalized Text-to-Speech solution can provide your company with a unique voice adapted to your brand needs. Enterprise organizations need to find ways to differentiate from their competitors and providing outstanding customer service is an essential part of this differentiation. Verbio’s TTS provides your call and contact center with a unique human-like brand voice that your customers will remember every time they speak to you – making them feel more connected to your company.


On top of the extensive catalog of ready-to-use voices with over 12 languages and 25 different dialects, we have the abilities and resources to develop and fine-tune new voices in a few weeks. For brands who want to express their uniqueness, with exclusive rights and a better fit for their company identity.

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