Voice Synthesis

Voice Synthesis

A proven and innovative communication tool for human-like, engaging and personalized experiences.
Voice Synthesis


Human touch for your brand´s voice.

Due to the use of Deep Neural Networks, Voice Synthesis engine is capable of differentiating languages, dialects, accents and intonation.

The conversion of text-to-speech sounds and evolves naturally with no vibrations or robotic sounds, offering a robust and trustworthy pronunciation with a big impact on brand recall and great results in large deployments with thousands of interactions, for more human-like conversations.

Ready-to-use voices
Languages and counting


Device agnostic and tailored high‑quality audio which enhances any customer self‑service application, mobile app, wearables, e-learning, connected appliances and facilitation for people with disabilities.

Extensive catalog of ready-to-use voices languages, dialects, and accents from all over the world.
Customized voices
Exclusive voices to express your branding uniqueness delivered in a few weeks, with on-demand languages, dialects and accents, customized dictionaries and even your favorite talk-show host!
Simultaneous Languages
Ability to use different languages in the same sentence. Easily switch from voice to voice in bilingual conversations.
Give your brand a custom voice and increase brand recognition.

Give your brand a custom voice and increase brand recognition.

Giving your brand a voice, in the most literal sense, ensures consistent messaging throughout all communication initiatives, taking advantage of this interface to express your values and further differentiate your brand. Delivering great experiences to your customers with an exclusive voice they can easily recognize, builds brand loyalty.


On top of the extensive catalog of ready-to-use voices with over 12 languages and 25 different dialects, we have abilities and resources to develop and fine-tune new voices in a few weeks, for brands who want to express their uniqueness, with exclusive rights and better fit into the company identity.

Corporate Voice Solutions
Automate communication with your audience.

Automate communication with your audience.

Your brand voice can have a big impact on your customer’s comfort and happiness level during first and ongoing interactions with your business. You can personalize the Contact Center voice, Public Addresses, In-store Announcements, and Advertisements.

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Catalyze Product Innovation.

Catalyze Product Innovation.

Disrupt your product innovation by providing a human-touch for your apps, devices, virtual assistants, media and entertainment content, e-book and e-learning material. Furthermore, your products can be accessible to all with reading support for people with visual impairment and dyslexia.

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