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Voice AI Solutions for call centers

Provide the best in CX, reduce agent churn and increase efficiencies

Call Automation

Combining Verbio technologies, means that a large part of the call steering process can be controlled and automated by voice in the call or contact center. Creating a high-quality of self-service options and a better customer experience. With human agents working on more complex problem solving, this can help to retain human agents.
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Call Transcription

Translate call conversations into valuable business outcomes with our Call Transcription Solution. Verbio’s Call Transcription Solution enables you to transcribe call and contact center calls with the highest accuracy rates in the market.
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Call Authentication

Verbio Call Authentication, powered by AI, allows you to accurately identify your customers within a few seconds by recognizing your customers' specific voiceprint, not only increasing the efficiency and satisfaction levels of your call and contact center agents, but also for security, compliance, and fraud mitigation.
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WeKall CCaaS

Experience the Revolution in Contact Management with WeKall CCaaS. With an omnichannel approach, advanced analytics, scalable customization, seamless integration, and robust security, our solution transforms the way you connect with your customers. Optimize efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction, and take your service to the next level.
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