Cognitive Contact Center

Cognitive Contact Center

Allow customers and employees to interact with your business 24/7 in voice format with a smart IVR for automatic communication, waiting lines optimization, tasks automation and live support.
Cognitive Contact Center


Smart IVR for a seamless Customer Experience.

The contact center represents the largest operational expense for customer service with a complicated balance between cost and customer satisfaction.
The Cognitive Contact Center solution uses artificial intelligence and voice recognition to solve this, bringing two key benefits: improvement in customer experience through more natural interaction with bots and an accurate prediction of best-next-action, and reduction of operating costs.



Allows operational efficiency in high-volume calls customer service and outbound campaigns, eliminating frustration in interactions with clients and optimizing waiting lines.

24/7 Availabiliy
Your customers will always have the support they need, even if operators are busy or during off hours.
Reduce Customer Frustration
Open question solution merged with Voice Assistant reduce waiting time and issues during the support, removing menus and allowing quick task automation.
Anticipate Needs and Requests
Speech Analytics with Voice Sensors and Voice Biometrics generates sentiment analysis for each interaction, for real actionable insights and predictions.

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