Conversational Chatbot

Conversational Chatbot

Engage with users with instant and seamless Conversational interactions in natural language through text.
Conversational Chatbot


Answers to every questions.

How many “frequent answers” and information your customers need in order to complete an order on your website?  How complex is the process to solve an issue?  And how many complaints have you received last year due to poor support service? Are you looking for an empathetic way to provide quick help?


With Verbio Cognitive Brain-based Chatbot the FAQ and Help Desk process becomes effective and conversational.
You can reach multiple users and provide them support through Web and Mobile App with personalized answers and recommendations, help them perform tasks and be on top of every information, and no user will have unsolved doubts!


Our chatbots have a broad impact both on your business costs and customer experience. Here are three specific attributes and characteristics of our chatbots:

Conversational Maturity
Identify the intent of a question to provide an accurate first response, and also propose options to confirm or clarify what is being sought.
Autonomous reasoning
The chatbot can perform complex reasoning without human intervention.
Brand and industry knowledge
Understanding of brand-specific or industry-specific knowledge as it’s pre-configured to resolve common customer requests of that particular brand or industry.

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