The multi-language Voice A.I. answering system that handles your calls 24/7 and leaves no customer unattended.

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The Voice AI Cloud that will keep you going!

Even if voice conversations volume increases significantly and resources can be temporarily limited, the solution helps every business maintain high-quality service, customer experience and continuity through the toughest of times. can manage your customer requests 24/7, identify callers ID and categorize calls’ reasons according to your customizable keywords. The system stores up to 1000 calls information for 72h and analyzes the metadata in complete compliance with GDPR.

Making Voice A.I. accessible to everyone with

Automatically redirected every inbound call that can’t be handled or answered to a smart voice-enabled answering system, with a multi-language Text-to-Speech and the most advanced Verbio Speech Recognition engine to quickly understand calls’ reasons.
The entire call list is accessible by the WebApp, filtered by labeled information to handle and prioritize requests efficiently.

Add your phone numbers and select the languages for voice support, forward your calls to phone numbers, choose your keywords to create Calls Labels. READY!
Users can access the complete list of inbound calls labeled according to personalized keywords, browse and listen to the recorded audio messages filtered by Line Extensions, Language, Date and Keywords Categories.
Text-to-Speech and Speech Recognition are available in English, Spanish, Catalan, and Portuguese, and analyzes conversations and spots every keyword selected by the user.

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