Voice Assistant

Voice Assistant

Voice Assistants are conversational agents that use cognitive technologies to perform tasks or services for an individual based on verbal commands. How Voice is changing the Product and Service experience?
Voice Assistant


Entperprise Voice Assistants for a new Customer Experience.

Voice Assistants are changing the retail landscape both on and offline by offering users convenience and hands-free experience, and they are able to interpret human speech and respond via synthesized voices. Users can ask their questions, control home automation devices and media playback via voice, and manage other basic tasks such as email, to-do lists, and calendars with verbal commands.


Users are massively using voice interface to interact with many devices like smartphones, but have you thought about how they can communicate with your brand whether to answer queries, get support or find the right product through all their channels?


Your company can benefit from offering a new frictionless customer experience and reach operational excellence with higher engagement, guaranteed consistent brand messaging across all platforms as well as omnichannel capabilities (Web, Mobile, Kiosk).


Voice Assistants can be applied to a broader range of applications in enterprises to radically improve access to insights and ROI on data for organizations while ensuring automating low-value tasks and deliver a memorable brand experience. 

Interaction through Voice.
Users can express themselves in a normal and fluent way with the power of Verbio Speech Recognition, whatever is their accent or dialects while the assistant replies with an empathetic personalized voice.
Biometrics Voice Recognition for User Personalization.
Integration with Verbio Voice Biometrics allows the Voice Assistant to recognize the speaker, remember preferences and personalize answers and suggestions.
Learn from conversational data and improve accuracy.
Active Learning technologies bring Verbio Voice Assistant to another level of intelligence for actual real conversations powered by Ontology Reasoning.

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