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A New Call Center for BBVA

Speech Recognition
With BBVA being the second largest bank in Spain and their most important values being customer care and innovation, they looked for a solution for their call center that prioritized these values. Implementing the use of CSR, NLU and TTS, BBVA’s new call center solution can automate over 30% of the call center categories while still behaving in a human manner and having open dialogue.


BBVA, a multinational bank headquartered in Madrid, focuses on their value of customer satisfaction while still pushing innovation, so they teamed up with Verbio to implement a Natural Language Voice Portal for their call center. This voice portal was created for their call center to facilitate communication with customers and to increase customer satisfaction.

The new solution designed for BBVA is based on natural language interaction, allowing users to interact with the BBVA platform in an open dialogue manner, similar to interacting with a human. It uses continuous speech recognition to understand the customer’s question, and it also uses a natural language engine with a model based on rules, semantics and statistical models to understand the customer’s question. A personal synthesized voice was developed specifically for BBVA’s call center, providing the voice for the system. With the combination of these three technologies, the voice portal analyzes the customer’s question and can either directly answer the question, process the task using automation, or transfer the customer to a human agent.


With BBVA’s successful implementation of Verbio’s technology, BBVA improved customer satisfaction by having a more accessible and seamless customer call center. The call center is available in three countries and expanding, currently containing 6 voices with one voice being bilingual. It has been able to handle more than 3,000 simultaneous calls, reducing the average handling time per call as well as call transfers to agents.

With both their savings and customer satisfaction rate increasing, BBVA is looking to incorporate their new call center in more countries as it has been both beneficial to their company and their customers.

Monthly calls
Customer Satisfaction
Total daily savings
Project Manager at BBVA
“BBVA has partnered with Verbio in the development of an NLP-based interaction system to boost the quality of our phone customer service. We are well aware that customer service is pivotal to our relationship with our clients. BBVA, a leader in digital transformation, has evolved its phone customer service to improve its ability to interact with users in a personalized way, rolling out an automated system capable of handling multiple inquiries.”
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