Improved Security on Border Control with Voice Biometrics

Voice Biometrics
The Canada Border Services Agency is a federal agency responsible for surveillance and control of the Canadian border as well as customs services. The CBSA chose Verbio’s Voice Biometrics technology to improve their customs services and security measures.


The CBSA chose Verbio’s Voice Biometrics technology specifically for its ability to verify identity through voice. Receiving calls from people all over the world, the CBSA needed a foolproof way to identify who they were talking to- whether it be a native or a foreigner.

They have already registered over 1000 voiceprints using the technology, and the goal is to reach one million voice prints. With the implementation of this technology, the CBSA was able to improve their customs services with correct identification of who was calling.

Solution Solution


Using voice biometrics, the CBSA could identify who they were speaking to during outbound calls using registered voiceprints. They could identify if the person was a native to Canada, or even if the person was an immigrant based on the parameters of their voiceprint and comparing those to already registered voiceprints.

Using an active authentication approach, it was impossible for a voiceprint to be replicated.
Active authentication doesn’t only just focus on the voice print, it focuses on the unique phrase or words that the speaker says making it even more complex to duplicate.

Voiceprints Goal

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