Post-Pay Customer Care for Sprint

Cognitive Brain
Sprint Corporation is a leading American telecommunications company. With 50 million and growing customer base, it needed a solution to maintain operating costs low while keeping customer satisfaction high.


Moving away from the traditional touch-tone IVR was a logical step for Sprint, helping them deliver amazing customer experiences while expanding its customer base. With the addition of Verbio’s conversational AI, Sprint’s post-pay customer care has been enhanced because it can now better understand customers and engage with them through natural speech.



The solution is a truly cognitive system that is able to understand customers efficiently and implement conversational speech to naturally engage with its customers, providing a more human-like interaction. It has implemented call steering automation for Sprint’s Postpaid Customer Care service, available in both English and Spanish.


As a result, automation is used for multiple processes in the Sprint call center now, such as “language selection” and “payments management”. The main objective was reducing time on the phone for customers and operators as well as reducing operating costs since their call center handles over 200,000 calls a day. With Verbio’s conversational AI, Sprint’s customer service now is over 95% accurate in both Spanish and English regarding natural language understanding accuracy.

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Nestor Cano
COO at Sprint
“Sprint is firmly moving towards AI in different areas, aiming to improve our relationship and our customer service with our clients. Verbio is putting in place its conversational AI solutions to make our interactions with our millions of customers easier and smoother, with an extremely responsive service and a robust reliable technology.”

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