Verbio Success Stories - Sprint Postpaid Customer Service

Postpaid Customer Care for Sprint

Natural Language Understanding
Sprint Corporation – a leading American telecommunications company with over 50 million customers – were looking for new ways to keep operating costs low and customer satisfaction high.


We identified an opportunity for Sprint to deliver amazing customer experiences by moving away from traditional touch-based IVR and looking to more advanced technologies. We proposed using Verbio’s conversational A.I. in their Postpaid Customer Care Service, which would allow customers to engage with Sprint through natural speech.



The solution is a truly cognitive system that provides human-like interactions for customers, allowing them to talk naturally in their own words.
It can accurately and efficiently identify customer issues and then steer the automation of the follow up actions when possible.

For example, processes like language selection and payments management can be fully automated, which reduces call times for both customers and Sprint’s operators.
With over 200,000 incoming calls per day, this saves the business significant operating costs, as the system understands natural language in Spanish and English with 98% accuracy.

Daily transactions
Daily calls
Nestor Cano
COO at Sprint
“Sprint is firmly moving towards AI in different areas, aiming to improve our relationship and our customer service with our clients. Verbio is putting in place its conversational AI solutions to make our interactions with our millions of customers easier and smoother, with an extremely responsive service and a robust reliable technology.”
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