Verbio White Paper: Solving Contact Center Churn | Download PDF

Verbio White Paper: Solving Contact Center Churn

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The Verbio White Paper on Solving Agent Churn: How to reduce customer and agent churn, with accurate Voice AI automation – is here! Download Verbio’s brand new White Paper and gain research and insight into two of the biggest business challenges facing call and contact centers today.

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This informative, 18-page document highlights business pain points for call and contact centers and is backed up by industry referenced statistics. We cover topics on:

• Why agent churn now is now such an important business challenge.
• Why time-to-resolution should replace average wait time.
• Why understanding caller intent really matters for enterprise level accuracy.
• Why accuracy is the biggest factor when considering a Voice AI solution.
• How Voice AI automation is solving customer & agent churn.

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Verbio: Trailblazer in Voice AI Technology

For over twenty years, Verbio has been producing a range of voice technologies and AI-based solutions. Verbio’s expertise in AI engineering and computational linguistic innovation, have pushed the boundary with its offering.

More recently, Verbio’s Voice AI solutions – for telecommunications, banking, and more – have been helping industry leaders faced with steep customer experience (CX) KPI’s to solve problems and improve the overall performance of their call or contact center. With new issues facing the industry revolving around contact center churn, Verbio works alongside our current and prospective customers to utilize Voice AI technologies to reduce contact center customer churn and agent churn.

Verbio’s developed technologies form the foundations of its solutions

Our key technologies – Speech Recognition, Text-to-Speech (TTS), and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) – form the foundations of our solution offerings. These technologies have been developed over the course of twenty years by some of the most established thinkers in voice technology. Our staff are hand selected by Chief Scientific Officer, Juame Padrell, and Chief Executive Officer, Carlos Puigjaner, before being assigned to development squads in order to investigate and develop new features for our industry-leading solutions.

In this White Paper, we discuss some of our solutions and how they can positively impact the call & contact center world. Whether you are an enterprise or a company offering Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), we are sure you will take something valuable and insightful from this professional document.

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